We can assist families with obtaining resource and building consent.

According to the Northland Age, over 100,000 hectares of Maori land in the Far North district is unoccupied. Some should be used for housing projects. We acknowledge that working with council’s can be a challenge.

With Māori land there are hidden obstacles and you have to deal with council and engineers in order to get land occupation.

There is a confirmed disparity between councils. Western Bays authority is an example of how a council and Maori land owners work together in a highly co-operative way.

We have worked closely with the FNDC to have Rammed Earth approved as a legitimate building material, documenting the process along the way. All of our buildings are approved.

Building consents require a geotechnical report from a drainlayer that can cost in excess of $2000.  Rueben suggests there is an opportunity for rūnanga to assist individuals to enter relevant professions.

Once they have qualified, the rūnanga could subsidise the reports for their whanau.

The same opportunities are there for surveying and the waste system consultants.