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Whare Uku / Rammed Earth Homes are quality, low maintence homes built using a sustainable model, with no pollution, using natural resources that will last for generations.

We build three bedroom earth homes including road access, construction, alternative energy and an eco waste system for $150,000*

There are Architect Plans for consented 1, 3 and 5 bedrooms homes available.

We have helped 50 families with their housing solutions as of November 2016.

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Rammed Earth Construction

Our Whare Uku | Rammed Earth Building design comprises of:

  • a cement stabilised, reinforced concrete slab
  • flax-fibre reinforced rammed earth wall panels
  • a concrete ring beam cast in situ on top of the walls
  • a Pacific gull-wing roof on exposed rafters.

The result: an Eco-Efficient modern multi-purpose home with clean lines.

Sweat equity, available resources and capital all play a part in construction costs. Families may be eligible for support through Kainga Whenua loans, housing assistance or a mortgage.

  • We have a relationship with the whanau from the beginning.
  • We help with the planning stages
  • Assist families with obtaining resource and building consent.
  • Advise on establishing family trusts
  • Advice for whanau reconnecting with their Ancestral Lands
  • We work with communities and whanau/families
  • We offer facilitation services during decision-making processes.
  • Help reinforce whanau commitment to their land and housing.
  • We advocate on behalf of groups locally, nationally and internationally

Our commitment to supporting our communities to be independent extends to running regular workshops on sustainable living, whareuku, planning to build, energy, organic Māori land use and of course maramataka.

“22 generations my whanau have occupied our lands in Ahipara. 180,000 hectares of land is still owned by Maori in the Taitokerau, aroha to our whanau and hapu from other areas that suffered mass confiscations through war and government legislation, but us Nga Puhi need to get back on our whenua and use it, hei oranga mo tatou, to improve our health and well being.” ~ Rueben


We understand the many barriers that purposely exist to inhibit our whanau from occupying Maori land.  We focus on taking a collaborative approach towards problem solving and ultimately appreciating the resources that are available to us – people, land, water, energy.

“Our people should not live in illegal or substandard housing. Whare Uku can bring Mana back into the lives of Māori. Māori are Rangatira. We need to live in homes fit for Rangatira.” – Heeni

All ages are trained in practical skills and rammed earth techniques while Rueben oversees instruction in construction and gardening practises. We plan to cover all aspects of housing, from emergency to low-income rental, ownership and Papa Kainga. We stage an open day in the spring (Sep-Nov), along with workshops.

“It was worth coming home for,” – Dean Motu

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