We build three bedroom earth homes including road access, construction, alternative energy and an eco waste system for $150,000*.

A sustainable model, with no pollution.  There are Architect Plans for consented 1, 3 and 5 bedrooms homes available.

We have helped 50 families with their housing solutions – *Nov’16


Our Whare Uku | Rammed Earth Building design comprises of

  • a cement stabilised, reinforced concrete slab
  • flax-fibre reinforced rammed earth wall panels
  • a concrete ring beam cast in situ on top of the walls
  • a Pacific gull-wing roof on exposed rafters.

The result:  an Eco-Efficient modern multi-purpose home with clean lines.


Sweat equity, available resources and capital all play a part in construction costs. Families may be eligible for support through Kainga Whenua loans, housing assistance or a mortgage.



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