Living on Māori Land

“Toitu te whenua, whatungarongaro nga tangata. “ – whakatauaki

Love of the land than has seen Heeni and Rueben undertake development of a Papa Kāinga that will consist of 3 homes and a communal building – all featuring Rammed Earth walls.

Building homes from Earth, Sand, Muka and other resources harvested responsibily from ancestral land has a deep spiritual resonance.

“Whenua is very important to us physically, spiritually and culturally. It has sustained my whānau and hapū for over 20 generations. It is our responsibility to nurture that connection within the next generation.” – Rueben

Many whānau have natural resources and family members with the right skills to help undertake a Whare Uku project. When both are given and utilised with respect things can – and do get done.

Understanding how to live together again in a Papa Kāinga model on Tupuna Whenua is of importance. AKT are researching this model with the potential to address Māori housing.

“the goal is to create a model that could be used for good-quality housing“