“Ko” Digging implements with maramataka symbols, what a treat to research!

HONGONGOI – Te marama o Mawharu

Wow what a week, Kei te waka a Maui ahau, also known as Te Waipounamu and unexpectedly its not cold at all!  I was invited to present a maramataka planning wananga with Te Koronga the Indigenous research unit at the University of Otago.

When i confirmed the workshop date I knew it would fall on the marama of Huna, which is often a moon I have a little trouble on!  Despite my best efforts I sensed the audience was lagging and it was necessary to pull out all the tricks to keep the whanau engaged and energised!  Huna is not a good day for communication!  Sometimes I like to test things out but it usually ends in a “why???!”

In our planning wananga we teach that the month of Hongongoi is a great time to “whakatikahia”  maintain, fix things, get things right.  This was the time our tupuna would be mending their massive fishing nets, ensuring the gardening implements are on point and already anticipating the work that needs to be done for Koanga Spring.

Therefore during this month of Hongongoi you may like to consider what it is that you need to “whakatikahia” fix in preparation of the coming year.  What is inhibiting you at present from getting to where you want to get to?  Its often difficult to admit to what needs fixing!  It may just be a simple action such as taking your car for a warrant or keeping the anti virus maintained on your lappy!  It could mean something more serious such as considering what may need fixing in your relationships, why you are lacking vitality within the workplace?  After all if we dont admit to whats blocking our progress, how can we fix it?

Last year we spoke on maramataka to Museum workers at Tamaki Paenga Hira.  Afterwards we went to check out the back with a focus on ancient gardening tools of our tupuna.  I was really excited to discover Ko with marama and star symbols – te ataahua hoki!  What really stood out was the lashing work that would be re-done each season to ensure the tools are maintained to do the important work of growing kai and feeding the people!

I’m really missing my garden at the moment, its abit to wet to do anything, but the next two moons are excellent for planting trees, the ground is moist!

No reira kia kaha whanau, its really important to ensure we maintain the tools we need to get us to where we are aiming for!  Tenei te wa ki te whakatikahia.

Nga mihi ano

Heeni Hotrerene