“The whenua is very important to us physically, spiritually and culturally. It has sustained my whānau and hapū for over 20 generations and it is our responsibility to nurture that connection within our next generation.”

Rueben has plans for widespread horticulture below their Whare Uku. Including Peruperu. A Māori potatoe that has seen him travel internationally to share his knowledge.

“We had the opportunity to visit Samoa and saw how they treasure the land. They were working it every day – their hands are in the soil and the land is feeding their families. It was wonderful to see. A lot of Māori have lost that connection with their land.” – Rueben

More information about gardening practises will be covered on our blog

“Māori have always been judged on the ability to provide for manuhiri, so access to sustainable wealth is inextricably linked to enduring Mana.” – Heeni